Thursday, October 6, 2022
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DLW 052: Holiday Overlays

This week we discuss new ambassadors, increased prices for food, refurbishment updates, holiday overlays, and more!

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News this Week:

First off this week, we have some exciting news for Eli Beller who is turning 9 this year. Happy birthday, Eli! For your birthday, your parents have booked a trip to Disneyland on October 23rd! You will also be attending Mickey’s Halloween Party! We are sure that you and Lillian will have a great time!

Disneyland has appointed its ambassadors for the 2019-2020 year. Justin Rapp, who started as a Jungle Cruise skipper in 2012, and Rafa who has worked in Tomorrowland for the last two and a half years, were chosen to represent the resort. A cavalcade on Main Street celebrated their appointment to the role. The ambassador program was started back in 1965 by Walt Disney himself. –

For those of you with a Southern California Select annual pass, the blockout dates for 2019 summer season will end on September 3. Without buying a separate ticket, this will be the first chance that you will get to experience Star Wars Galaxies Edge. –

If you have been in the parks recently, you may have noticed a slight change in prices at some of your favorite Disney restaurants. Priced started creeping up at the resort after a pretty substantial price increase was noticed at WDW food and beverage locations. An regular soda (which was $3.59) will set you back $3.99 now. –

After 12 years of training Jedi, the training academy in Tomorrowland is ending on November 3rd. If you want to experience this one last time, you need to have your child present when you register, which you can do as soon as the park opens outside the Star Wars Launch Bay. –

The icy peaks of Matterhorn Mountain should be returning from refurbishment on November 16th, barring any unforeseen circumstances. There was some rumors of a new, covered portion of the queue being added, but it appears that it will just be extended out from the existing covered queue and shade will be provided by trees. The refurbishment also added additional queue space for FastPass and improved standby. –

The World of Disney store has unveiled it’s new sign in Downtown Disney. The new sign looks rather plain compared to the previous sign. The middle section of the store remains closed until the expected reopening date of October 19th. –

Salt and Straw in Downtown Disney should be opening any moment, if it hasn’t already! Ice cream was delivered on Monday to the location, and the exterior looks complete and ready to serve guests. –

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