How to join the DLWeekly Chat

Getting Discord (our Chat Server)

There are a couple of ways that you can login to the Discord channel. We have found the best option is downloading the Discord app onto your smart phone. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS.

Click here for iPhone users.

Click here for Android users.

If you prefer to have the application on your computer, you can download the client for Windows here. If you are on a Mac, click here!

If you don’t want to install anything at all, you can visit the web version by clicking here.

Create an Account on Discord

Any way that you use Discord, you will need an account. To create an account, sign up here.

Accessing DLWeekly’s Server

Once you have an account with Discord, you will need to join our server for DLWeekly. To access that, you must be a supporter on Patreon at the Park Hopper level ($3 a month) or higher.

Once you have become a supporter, you can access the Discord chat with the following steps:

  • Directly after becoming a patron, on the Thank You page, there’ll be an option to Connect on Discord. Click this to link your Patreon and Discord account. 
  • If you’ve missed this page, you also should’ve received an email titled,“Here are some benefits to go along with your pledge to…” with the same Connect to Discord button. 
  • You can also head over to your account settings page and click on the Connect to Discord button to connect your Discord and Patreon accounts.
  • Once you click the box to Connect to Discord, a separate window will appear requesting you to log into your Discord account.

You are now on our server! Welcome! As a supporter, you will be added to the group on the server for your support level on Patreon. This is done automatically. Please take a few moments to read the rules for the server.

You will need to remain a supporter at the Park Hopper ($3/month) level or above to stay on the server.

Channels on Discord

There are a number of channels on Discord for you to explore. Here is a quick rundown of the different channels and their purpose.

#disneyland – This is the main chat channel and should be used to talk about pretty much anything podcast or Disneyland related.
#off-topic – This is where anything goes (PG-13 rated and below).
#pics – This is where you can share pictures of your trip, whats going on in your life, etc

#live-show-chat – If you are a Annual Passholder level ($5 a month) or above, this is where we chat during the monthly live streams.
#monthly-hangout-chat – If you are a Cast Member level ($10 a month) or above, this is where we chat during the monthly hangout streams.

Travel Planning on Discord

ConciEARS, the Official Travel Planner of Disneyland Weekly, is amazing and at your fingertips on the server in the following channels to help plan your Disney vacation!

#planning – For any questions on planning a Disney vacation!

Music Channels

There is a music channel that is currently setup to stream music off of YouTube to the server for when you want some great Disneyland tunes! You can request a song in the #music-request channel and it will start playing in the Music audio channel.

Music channels under MUSIC

Notification Help

The biggest issue with our Discord server is notifications. Sometimes we can get very chatty and we don’t want to be making your phone or computer go crazy. Discord has a great write-up on how to manage your mobile notifications, which you can access by clicking here. If you want desktop notification help, you can access their write-up by clicking here.

What if I need help?

There is always someone available to help! You can always contact Tage or Teresa on the chat, or message our fantastic moderator Doug! Any of us would be happy to help you get used to the chat and become a member of this amazing community!